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The New Biology

The universe seems to operate by keeping opposites in balance. When things get out of balance, a sign usually appears to make it known. One of the best examples of this principle at work is health. Health is balance in the system.

Imagine your bloodstream and the inside of your body as a landscape or terrain. As in external Nature, the body tries to maintain a balance of influences in this inner terrain. Many things come into play, but most important is the chemical balance between acid and alkaline conditions in blood and tissues. You don’t need to understand chemistry here. Just know that these two kinds of chemicals are opposites. When they meet in equal amounts, they cancel each other out. However, it is easy and common for body tissues to become too acid. This imbalance sets the stage for chaos. To say that health is a body terrain in acid/alkaline balance is to assume that it’s also getting the raw materials (nutrients) it needs for maintenance and repair.

In science, the acid/alkaline relationship is known as “pH” (pronounced like the two letters). This pH balance in the body has a profound effect on the ecology of your terrain. Ecology is the relationship between organisms and their environment. In this case, the environment is your inner terrain, and the organisms are tiny (microscopic) forms of life. Some of these forms, such as those living in our digestive tract, are indispensable to life. We’d die without them. Doesn’t it seem strange that we depend on something like this for life – and they’re plants, no less! But it’s a well-established fact, not theory or opinion. What isn’t well understood generally is that our little inner friends can turn on us (after we’ve turned on them, though).

If you want to see a rough comparison of what’s happening in a sick body, try not cleaning your house for about a year. In that environment, all kinds of small “guests” will come out of nowhere to take up residence with you. Similarly, the stresses of our wrong eating habits and way of life “filthy up” our inner environment. Our terrain becomes overly acidic (pH imbalance) – paving the way for unwanted guests. In this unbalanced environment, morbid bacteria can issue from our own cells. As well, these tiny life forms can rapidly change their form and function. Bacteria can change into yeast, yeast to fungus, fungus to mold (a process called pleomorphism). Unfortunately, our inner residents are not (normally) visible to us, as are many of those in the house. Also, most professionals who could see them aren’t looking for them in the first place!

In addition to pH and pleomorphism, we need to consider a most important concept – the difference between the symptoms of disease and the disease condition. What most people call a “disease” is really a symptom or condition of symptoms. For example, cancer tumors are symptoms, which is why trying to fight them has resulted in the disastrous epidemic we have today. Also, what people commonly think of as causes of disease, are also symptoms. In this category are bacteria, yeast, and their descendants. When germs (primary symptoms) are involved in illness, they are producing, or influencing the body to produce, secondary symptoms. In orthodox medicine, these secondary symptoms are thought of as the disease.

In the past hundred years or so, scientific medicine has determined what it thinks are the causes of some “diseases.” But many serious ones are still a mystery. More recent research now suggests what’s behind most, if not all, symptoms pictures. The answer lies in the condition of your terrain. Is it in balance? Or will it support the development of unwanted guests? Once it gets going, the imbalance becomes a vicious circle, as the Cycle of Imbalance shows.

As noted previously, in pH imbalance, body tissues are on the acid side. In the early stages of the imbalance, the outer symptoms may not be very intense and are frequently treated (manipulated) with drugs. They include such things as: skin eruptions, headaches, allergies, colds and flu, and sinus problems. As things get further out of whack, more serious situations arise. Weakened organs and systems start to give way – thyroid, adrenals, the liver, etc. Unfortunately, symptoms manipulation plays a major role in created worse symptoms later. But most people don’t consider or realize this when they go for the quick medical fix. Even most doctors are not aware, or aren’t telling.

The acid condition is promoted by a number of things, the main ones being food types and poor digestion. In poor digestion, food is either fermenting or putrefying. Most people know the word “putrid.” And we’ve beard the remark that a huffy person thinks their “stuff” doesn’t stink. The solemn truth is that it isn’t supposed to! If it does, Nature is hammering a warning on the door. This gives an idea of how deeply ingrained in our culture are misconceptions about health (and what’s normal).

The road to understanding the process of maintaining and restoring health has been a long and twisted one. From ancient and intuitive knowledge, science has taken over, made wholesale errors and clung to them for dear life. As noted, many so-called enemies have been identified, such as germs, etc., but these are just pieces of the puzzle. There are no enemies or specific diseases to fight. There is only the consequence of balance or imbalance.

In the early ‘70s, scientists began recognizing the role that yeasts, such as Candida albicans, play in illness, Best-selling books, such as Dr. William Crook’s The Yeast Connection, presented diets and medications to control yeast. Dr. Orian Truss published a book called The Missing Diagnosis, in which he concluded that yeast in implicated in a very wide variety of ills.

In the late ‘80s, the final pieces fell into place when I blended my own years of exhaustive research with that of early (ignored) pioneers and decades of published research. The pathways to illness and wellness are pieced together herer in a new model of human disease. You hold in your hands the means of understanding the role that yeast, fungus, and mold play in the physiological symptoms of disease. More importantly, you can learn what to do to reclaim you terrain and stop being poisoned to sickness and death!

Source: Sick & Tired. Reclaim your Inner Terrain by Dr. Robert O. Young.
Excerpt permission granted by Woodland Publishing


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