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25 / 04 / 2018
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Ayurvedic  - Thai - Herbs products

1. Kha-Min-Charn ( ขมิ้นชัน ) (Turmeric, Curcuma, Yellow root)

  • Scientific name : Curcuma longa Linn.  ZINGIBERACEAE

  • Properties :  relief of Peptic ulcer  and Flatulence

2. Pet-Sarng-Kart ( เพชรสังฆาต )

  • Scientific name :  Cissus quadrangularis Linn.  VITACEAE

  • Properties :   relief of hemorrhoid

3. Bor-Rar-Ped ( บอระเพ็ด )

  • Scientific name :Tinospora crispa (L) Miers ex Hook,f. et Thorris MENISPERMACEAE

  • Properties :   remedy the fever, reduce body heat reduce, blood sugar promote appetite

4. Plai ( ไพล )

  • Scientific name : Zingiber cassumunar Roxb.  ZINGIBERACEAE

  • Properties :   relief of stomachache, Flatulence and Indigestion

5. Dork-Karm-Foy/safflower  ( ดอกคำฝอย )

  • Scientific name : Carthamus tipetorius Linn. COMPOSITAE

  • Properties : reduce blood cholesterol (Prohibited for pregnant)

6. Yar-Nuad-Maew (cat's whisker)( หญ้าหนวดแมว )

  • Scientific name :  Orthosiphon grandiflorus Bolding.   LABIATAE

  • Properties :  use as diuretic   (prohibited for those with heart diseases)

7. Choom-Hed-Tes (ringworm BUSH) (ชุมเห็ดเทศ )

  • Ringworm

  • Scientific name :  Cassia alata Linn.  LEGUMINOSAE

  • Properties :   relief of constipation

8. Pha-yar-charmg-sarn ( พญาช้างสาร )

  • Scientific name : Ochna integerrima Merr.

  • Properties :   relief of body exhaustion and strengthen energy

9. Toey-Horm ( เตยหอม )

  • Scientific name :   Pandanus amaryllifolius Roxb.   PANDANACES

  • Properties :   relief fever, refresh heart, relief of Illness cause by Indigestion and Flatulence

10. Look-Tai-Bai ( ลูกใต้ใบ )

  • Scientific name : Phyllanthus amarus Schum. & Thonn. EUPHORBIACEAE

  • Properties : reduce heat, relief fever and us as diuretic

11. Kra-Jiab-Dang (roselle) ( กระเจี๊ยบแดง )

  • Scientific name :   Hibiscus sabdariffa Linn.   MALVACEAE

  • Properties : correct dysuria, use as diuretic and use as expectorant

12. Khing (ginger) (ขิง )

  • Scientific name : Zingiber officinalis Roscoe ZINGIBERACEAE

  • Properties :   Help food digestion and relief Flatulence

13. Thong-Pun-Chang ( ทองพันชั่ง )

  • Scientific name : Rhinacanthus nasutus (L) Kurz ACANTHACEAE

  • Properties : relief fever reduce blood pressure and use as diuretic

14. Kloo (Indian Marsh Fleabane) ( ขลู่ )

  • Scientific name : Pluchea indica (L) Less.COMPOSITAE

  • Properties : correct urinary disorder

15. Lemon Grass ( ตะไคร้ )

  • Scientific name :   Cymbopogon citratus (DC.) Stapf.  GRAMINEAE

  • Properties :   relief Flatulence, stomachache and use as diuretic

16. Ma-Toom (Bengal Quince) ( มะตูม )

  • Scientific name :  Aegle marmelos Corr.   RUTACEAE

  • Properties :  relief body heat, enrich body elements, relief Flatulence and promote appetite

17. Med-Om-Sar-Moon-Plai ( เม็ดอมสมุนไพร )

  • Properties : relief of cough, mucolytic and help soothing throat

18. Rang-Juad  ( รางจืด )

  • Scientific name : Thunbergia laurifolia Linn.fHUNBERGIACEAE

  • Properties : relief of allergy poisonous food, fever and rashes

21. Wam-Hang-Jor-Ra-Ke (aloevera) ( ว่านหางจระเข้ )

  • Scientific name : Aloe baebadensis Mill.  LILIACEAE

  • Properties :  strengthen health and protect from  constipation

  • Types of products :

tea : pack of 10 sachets 30 baht per pack
tea : pack of 20 sachets 60 baht ( US$ 1,45) per pack
tea :box of 60 sachets 200 baht ( US$ 4,90) per box
capsule : bottle of 50 100 baht ( US$ 2,45) per bottle
capsule : bottle of 100 200 baht ( US$ 4,90) per bottle

22.Yar-Pag-King ( หญ้าปักกิ่ง )

  • Scientific name :  Murdannia loriformis (Hassk.) Rolla Rao et Kammathy. COMMELINACEAE

  • Properties : reduce blood sugar, relief of inflammation wound

  • Types of products :

tea :pack of 10 sachets 30 baht per pack
tea : pack of 20 sachets 60 baht ( US$ 1,45) per pack
tea : box of 60 sachets 200 baht ( US$ 4,90) per box
capsule : bottle of 50 100 baht ( US$ 2,45) per bottle
capsule : bottle of 100 200 baht ( US$ 4,90) per bottle
sweetened liquid 40 baht per bottle
unsweetened liquid 40 baht

23. Mar-Rar-KSe-Nok (bitter cucumber) ( มะระขี้นก )

  • Scientific name :  Momordica charantia Linn.   CUCURBITACEAE

  • Properties : relief of fever, body eat and promote appetite

  • Types of products :

tea : pack of 10 sachets 30 baht per pack (อย. G 270/43)
tea : pack of 20 sachets 60 baht ( US$ 1,45) per pack (อย. G 270/43)
tea : box of 60 sachets 200 baht ( US$ 4,90) per box (อย.G 270/43)
capsule : pack of 50 60 baht ( US$ 1,45) per pack (อย. G 336/42)
capsule : pack of 100 100 baht ( US$ 2,45) per pack (อย.G 366/42)
capsule : bottle of 50 80 baht ( US$ 1,90) per bottle (อย.G 336/42)
capsule : bottle of 100 120 baht ( US$ 2,90) per bottle (อย. G 336/42)
bolus : pack of 150 tablets 40 baht per pack (อย. G 316/42)
bolus : bottle of 160 tablets 60 baht ( US$ 1,45) per bottle (อย. G 316/42)


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