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PostPosted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 3:43 pm 
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The "Overnight Colon Cleanse"

Overeating is something that many of us are guilty of at one time or another. As an example, imagine that you had a dinner meeting and consumed a heavy red meat dinner with a baked potato, bread, dessert and wine. You will pay for that in a few ways. One danger is that this combination of food eaten late in the evening overworks your colon severely. It may make you feel bloated, tired and constipated the day after.

Sometimes the food just sits in your intestinal tract for days, not digesting properly, in part due to the improper mixing of food groups. This overload depletes the enzymes necessary to properly break down the food. When food sits in your intestinal tract to long (over 18 hours), the steak will putrefy, the bread, potatoes and wine (carbohydrates) will ferment and the fats (dessert) will turn rancid before your body can eliminate them. This causes the production of harmful toxins which may be absorbed into your body.

Also, in this kind of splurging or binging, people tend to not chew their food until liquefied, thereby swallowing large chunks of food which may strain the GI tract. It's not recommended that anyone should eat like this, certainly not on a regular basis. If you find that you've splurged like this, it's a good idea to expel this toxic material as soon as possible. My "Overnight Colon Cleanse" is the fastest and easiest way to accomplish this.

The "Overnight Colon Cleanse" Instructions

Oxy-Powder Overnight Colon Cleanse

Learn More About Oxy-Powder®

Squeeze the juice of ½ lemon (preferably organic and add 1 teaspoon of Bragg apple cider vinegar into 16 ounces of purified or distilled water. Before bed take 8 capsules of Oxy-Powder® and consume the drink mix above. The next day, everything should be eliminated safely and effectively.

NOTE: If you experience more than 5 bowel movements the following day, reduce your dosage by 2 capsules each time you preform this cleanse until you have a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 bowel movements the following day.

If you do not have lemons and apple cider vinegar to make your drink mix and need to preform the overnight colon cleanse, take 10 capsules of Oxy-Powder with 8 ounces of purified water before bed.

For You to Know Temporary cramping may result after you ingest the drink mix and capsules. This is a possibility because your stomach is full and probably distended. If you experience cramping this is a sure sign your digestive tract is not functioning at optimal levels and you need to preform either a 6-Day or 7-Day Colon Cleanse Program when you have the chance. To help relieve temporary cramping, I recommend getting up and walking around for about 15 minutes to increase the blood flow and let gravity help move the food down through the intestinal tract.

Tip: It has been reported by alcohol drinkers that the overnight "Overnight Colon Cleanse" has an added benefit of lessening the hangover symptoms and making them feel more energized.

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The Body Cleanse Starter Kit is the perfect way to take control of your health - especially if you're new to cleansing. Kit also includes powerful probiotics.

DrEddyClinic Davao City

PostPosted: Thu Oct 08, 2015 3:31 pm 

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