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PostPosted: Tue Apr 28, 2015 10:39 am 
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Symptoms of dehydration - Do you drink enough water?
by: Joel Edwards
dehydration symptoms, water benefits, proper hydration

Most people do not drink enough water. Thirst and a dry mouth are signs of dehydration. If we drink water only when we're thirsty, we are perpetually dehydrated.


There are many other signs of dehydration including:

- Back pain
- Cramps
- Constipation
- Decreased urine output
- Dizziness
- Dry skin
- Dry sticky mouth
- Fatigue
- Forgetfulness
- Feeling lightheaded
- Headache
- Heartburn
- Irritability
- Indigestion
- Yellow urine
- Less common, but other possible signs of dehydration include:
- Allergies
- Asthma
- Depression
- High blood pressure
- Migraines

Signs of severe dehydration include:

- Confusion
- Extreme thirst
- Extremely dry mouth
- Delirium
- Fever
- Little to no urine, or very dark colored urine
- Listlessness
- Low blood pressure
- Rapid breathing
- Rapid heartbeat
- Sunken eyes
- Skin so dry and shriveled that it loses elasticity
- Unconsciousness

Staying hydrated is good advice that is rarely taken seriously. Nearly all of the body's functions run on water. Water is needed as the delivery system for oxygen and nutrients. It is a crucial component of our nervous system and the medium by which the nervous system sends its signals. Water is also needed for our bodies to efficiently remove toxins.

Global Healing Center® is a leading natural health provider offering natural and organic supplements, cleanses, and a wealth of free natural health articles.

Tap water is full of chemicals including pharmaceuticals, fluoride, chlorine, and chemical contaminants. Tap water is not the best water to drink. Bottled water can be better, but some bottled water is literally just tap water in a bottle. There are very few regulations controlling bottled water, and it's hard to find water from a good source. Ideally, water should be from a natural source, high in minerals, very low in contaminants, and sold in a glass bottle. But the ideal is hard to find, especially at an affordable price. When ideal water isn't available and affordable, we recommend buying distilled water. Distilled water is bereft of minerals but eating a variety of raw produce easily replaces those minerals. Spending a little more on higher quality water is an investment in your health and is certainly worthwhile.

Many people drink other fluids instead of water. Although it is true that these drinks are mostly water, the caffeine, sugar, or artificial flavors and colors put a strain on your body in various ways, and this can cost your body more water than what was consumed in the drink. For those who want to drink more water, but need flavors and sweetness, here's a recipe for cranberry lemonade that helps detoxify the body as well.


If you're not consuming enough water, you're increasing the strain on your body, and accelerating the aging process It is harder than most people think to drink too much water, and drinks that contain caffeine or sugar are very poor substitutes that rob the body of water (and minerals) with high acidity. There is no other substance that is as important to our health as water. For more on detoxifying, lowering blood pressure, and getting the most from water, check out the previous cranberry lemonade link and Hot & Cold Hydrotherapy See the first source below for the best water to drink while detoxifying.


Water: For Health, For Healing, For Life by F. Batmanghelidj M.D.
Seven Pillars of Health by Don Colbert M.D.


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PostPosted: Fri May 01, 2015 2:39 pm 
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