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PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2011 3:50 pm 

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Ozone and Oxygen for Treating Lyme Disease

Ozone is a gas that most people have heard about in relation to the atmosphere. While ozone can be dangerous to inhale, other methods of applying ozone to the body have many benefits for many health conditions. Oxygen is O2 (two oxygen molecules). Ozone is O3 (three oxygen molecules). Ozone is highly unstable and reacts with many things. When introduced into the human body, it has many biological effects.

Ozone therapies

Ozone mitigates the negative effects Lyme Disease has on the body. It re-establishes healthy bio-terrain and neutralizes neurotoxins. It also combats the acidic condition created by Lyme Disease because it is alkalizing The best way to introduce ozone is to copy here a note from Marc Fett, one of the contributors to this book.


Hi all,

Bryan and I want to post important preliminary findings and results as regards the addition of what is shaping up to be the most ideal and effective adjunct found for the rife machine program. Though the rife machine program takes a person all the way out of the woods over time (24 months on average for adults), our thrust has been to find way(s) to "shorten the runway" of healing.

Two problem areas along the route:

#1 Neurotoxins:

Like a squid squirting "ink" for survival, the Bb emits neurotoxins that serve several purposes for the Bb. It affects the host's neural/spinal/brain activities. In a localized area of cells/tissue, it creates "hypercoagulation" (or "thick blood"), and serves Bb by causing decreased circulation, oxygen, nutrient transfer and toxin removal, decreased hydrogen (lower ATP burning in the cell which means decreased energy overall), electron flow interruption (which means pain), alters various key cellular functions, and so on.

In the hypothalamus/pituitary area of the brain, Bb infection and neurotoxins result in everything from appetite, perspiration and temperature abnormalities, to careening , insomnia, grotesque dreams and near psychosis.

Additionally, when the Bb are killed (like during antibiotics, rife machine treatments, etc.), they also expel neurotoxins as they perish. Thus, the strong herx reactions during treatments.

Just how much a part the neurotoxins play is found by folks who take chito-power, questran, molybdenum, olive-lemon drink, sauna, etc., and see how improved they feel just by having neurotoxin levels reduced.

It has been one of the challenges in eradicating Lyme Disease with rife machines to use effective supplementation and other measures to try and detoxify, lessen the neurotoxin load and help with the herx reactions. Especially as Lyme Disease sufferers who come into rife machine therapy tend to be depleted and trashed already from long bouts with mis-diagnosed Lyme, and often long, grueling bouts with antibiotics, which have their own debilitating aspects.

It isn't that a person can't make it all the way back with just Rife (like Doug & family, Kay, Jean Graham. etc.), its just that the first many months can be quite arduous because of the herxes.

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