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Two men per day receiving prosthetic penis implants
by: J. D. Heyes
penile enlargement, medical implants, Dr. James Elist

(DrEddyClinic News) For most men there are much better things to spend money on, but for some, there is no better investment than a bigger manhood, so to speak, and that explains why more and more are shelling out about $13,000 for a penis implant.


As reported by the UK's Daily Mail, a Beverly Hills urologist says the size of a man's member plays a major role in his self-esteem, so having a smaller penis often generates feelings of decreased masculinity – and appeal to the opposite sex. So, men who were not blessed with being well endowed often abstain from sexual encounters or shy away from locker rooms at the gym. The feelings of inadequacy, he says, can then lead to depression, intimacy problems and, in the worst cases, suicidal thoughts.

But Dr. James Elist has the solution to that inadequacy, for a price: He has developed a revolutionary penile enhancement procedure that gives new hope to less-than-endowed men. He says that the silicone implant he inserts into the penis during the procedure instantly increases both girth and length, the latter by about two inches. And he says he does two procedures per day.

He told the Daily Mail that patients can choose from three implant sizes: Large, extra large and double extra large. "Nobody wants to have a small or medium one," he said.

Much better than previous enhancement procedures

Elist, who has been a urologist for more than 35 years, says he's always been interested in sexual dysfunction for men, having first gained notoriety in the field as the first doctor to link smoking cigarettes to impotence "If men see the sign on cigarettes that say smoking can cause impotency, they can blame in on me," he told The Mail.

For decades, Elist was one of many urologists who operated on men suffering from erectile dysfunction The procedure involved the insertion of a prosthesis into the arteries of the penis, which then enabled better blood flow, enabling a man to get an erection

"I noticed after insertion of the implant, between a year or two, most men were complaining that the size of their penis shrunk," he said. "They did have an erection, but the girth and length of the penis decreased."

So he began looking at ways to solve the problem and, in 2002, discovered the silicone solution to the shrinking problem.

At that time, he said, there were several penile enhancement procedures available to men, but none of them were very effective or long-lasting. One such treatment was the injection of fat to increase girth, but Elist said that the fat would get absorbed in five or six months, and it wasn't very visually appealing, either.

"It gives the patients total deformity, because it was forming lumps and bumps under the penis," he said.

In addition, transplants of foreign tissue and gel fillers – the latter commonly used on the face to get rid of wrinkles – also proved to be ineffective.

The silicone sheath under the skin, however, solves the problem and is long lasting.

"This is similar to breast implants – but a breast implant is a bag filled with silicone gel or in some cases saline," he told The Mail. "My implant is different; it's not filled with anything. The material is very soft silicone with the shape of the penis – which covers the penis for 270 degrees around and the whole length of the penis."

'We have the perfect product'

After patenting his invention and technique in 2002, he began performing the procedure in 2004. Since then, Elist has tweaked the shape, design, techniques and even the surgical procedure.

"Now at this point in time, we have the perfect product: Something that I'm really very happy and even proud to present to the community," he said.

The silicone sheath is inserted via a small incision of about 1 to 1.5 inches in the groin area. During the procedure the patient is only under local anesthesia. The doctor inserts the implant through the groin area until it is under the penis' skin. Immediately after the procedure the man's penis will have grown 1.5 to 2 inches, said Elist.

"For most of the patients after surgery, the length of the penis and the girth of the penis are very similar," he said, adding that the choice of size is only partially up to the patient because it is also dependent on the patient's skin.

"Some patients, unfortunately, are born with tight skin – or when they had the circumcision, a lot of skin was removed, so they don't have enough skin," he said, explaining that for those patients, "we start with large."

(Photo credit: John Chapple)



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