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PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 10:51 am 
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'Formaldehyde in E-cigs' study a HOAX but still published in New England Journal of Medicine
by: S. D. Wells
e-cigarettes, Big Tobacco, quit smoking

It was all a scare tactic to keep smokers away from electronic cigarettes. It was a marketing strategy to retain market share for Big Tobacco. Here's how it went down. Some Portland State University scientists published a "peer-reviewed" letter in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) summarizing a study on e-cigarettes that said the vapors contain formaldehyde. In fact, "High Levels of Formaldehyde Hidden in E-Cigarettes" was the headline at "E-Cigarettes Not Safer Than Ordinary Cigarettes" was another headline at Tech Times, and yet another claimed e-cigs to have a HIGHER cancer risk than smoking.


This sounds a lot like the recent arsenic-in-California-wines scare we all caught wind of last week. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, deconstructed and exposed this huge HOAX with a brilliant science-based video short that is a must see: (

In the e-cig study, the scientists claim to have found formaldehyde when running the electronic cigarette device only at high voltage. Their conclusion? Heavy users of vaporizers at high voltage were FIFTEEN TIMES more likely to get cancer than a "longtime smoker." They said "vaping" at just 5 volts causes formaldehyde-releasing agents to develop. Really? How? Are we sure they didn't test real cigarettes by accident?

Coverage swooped across the internet, paid for in large by Big Tobacco. The New England Journal of Medicine blasted their website home page with this breaking news: "Hidden Formaldehyde in E-Cigarette Aerosols"

Network news covers e-cig "formaldehyde" HOAX to help Big Tobacco keep customers

Pay it forward for a second here to the California Wine Hoax, which is relevant to this E-cig hoax. Researchers said that 50 parts per billion of arsenic was highly dangerous, but the Health Ranger informs us that vaccines contain much MORE heavy metal toxins like mercury and aluminum at alarming rates, so that media frenzy was all ONE HUGE LIE -- most likely perpetrated by the top shelf wine makers of California to ruin all the rest of the wine makers businesses in one fell swoop. The script made it across many media outlets, so there must have been a ton of profits to reap for the "players club." Now, if you "Google" e-cigs and formaldehyde in the same sentence guess what you get? Widespread coverage of a hoax. But it's the "flip" that's true. Cigarettes kill about a half a million Americans every year, and it's the pesticide, plastic, formaldehyde, bleach and fiberglass that kills them. Big Tobacco has been lying to the public for a century, and even used thousands of doctor endorsements in the 1930s, 40s and 50s to encourage smoking for health, digestion, and even dating. It's reverse psychology.

Conversely, e-cigarettes are actually HELPING about 60 percent of smokers GET OFF CIGARETTES, which is an astonishing figure in and of itself, since other programs like the CDC commercials and prescription medications like Chantix and Zyban are lucky if they yield 5 to 10 percent success at getting smokers to actually quit for more than six months.

Statistics have it that 95 percent of smokers go back to smoking after quitting if they have no help, so Big Tobacco wants just that -- smokers to have no help. That includes electronic cigarettes, so they PAY OFF these huckster scientists to be shills and run some lame tests and publish the results, of course, with "peer review" status in prestigious medical journals, just like the AMA did in their fraudulent JAMA journal -- the infamous Journal of the American Medical Association.

FYI: Formaldehyde is a chemical compound that's flammable and used in industries for building materials, pressed wood, plywood and yes, cigarette smoke. It's also used in glues and for embalming fluid. Of course the networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and CNN, are all intertwined and reading the same script sent down "from above" (the administration) where Biotech, Big Food, Big Tobacco, Vaccine Manufacturers and the Obamacare goons are pushing GMO, cigarettes, fluoride-water and toxic medicine on the masses. Examples?

Still Smoking? Just Quit!

People will tell you "Just Quit!" -- like it's something you just simply choose to do. And I know, I know, you have tried before. The problem is that most "quit methods" QUIT YOU instead. They're no help at all. In fact, they make things worse. You end up smoking more often or just stronger cigarettes. Take control of your health naturally. No more formaldehyde or nicotine, ever! Here's how. Some people are using e-cigarettes to wean themselves off cigarettes. If it works, that's fantastic. Some people smoke organic tobacco as a strategy for quitting along with nutritional guidance. The Health Ranger recommends the organic method that's sweeping the nation. It's a one-hour video course and proven method with raving testimonials. Check it out -- it's a recipe for success. (


PostPosted: Mon May 11, 2015 12:11 pm 

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what do you mean?

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