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PostPosted: Fri Jun 12, 2015 2:46 pm 
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Scientists now attempting to 'rewild' crops through genetic engineering in order to pass them off as organic
By Ethan A. Huff
organic crops, GMOs, biotech

The biotechnology industry is scrounging for new inroads to slip more GMOs into the food supply, and a new study out of Denmark proposes accomplishing this task using fake organics. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen and the Danish National Research Council believe they can get away with "rewilding" existing crops through genetic engineering and create a whole new breed of "organic" crops that don't require pesticides or herbicides.


Despite the name, these new crops will be the exact opposite of organic, possessing artificial gene mutations bred specifically for cultivation ease and efficiency. It's everything that organic isn't, in other words, but that hasn't stopped the endeavor from moving full speed ahead. The brains behind the project have already gotten a few nods of approval from ethicists and legal experts who are on board with rebranding GMOs as organic.

Published in the journal Trends in Plant Science, a paper presenting the concept maintains that domesticated plants and food crops, including existing GMOs, are generally weak and need to be toughened up. Wild food crops are much hardier, and even though they tend to bear less fruit than their domesticated counterparts, they are naturally resistant to pests. Wild food crops, in essence, are real organics that grow strong due to the natural biodiversity of their surrounding environment.

One would think that the most rational approach to toughening up domesticated crops would be to simply rewild them naturally by choosing hardier varieties and growing them amidst other wild crops This is what the Rodale Institute and others are suggesting when they advocate for permaculture as the solution to the ever-worsening woes of chemical-based monoculture.

The loons rattling the ego-drenched laboratories of "modern science" want to take matters into their own hands and synthetically engineer the wilding process themselves. The absurd irony here is painfully evident to the cognizant onlooker, but apparently the system-educated scientists, drunk on their own delusions of sophisticated grandeur, are too blind to see how utterly ridiculous the whole thing is.

Unless "We the People" put a stop to it, everything will soon be genetically engineered

While it's true that modern corn, soybeans, and other staple food crops are not what they once were, further engineering them to try to un-engineer them is utter insanity. There's simply nothing natural or "wild" about trying to engineer a food crop to become natural or wild. Mashing up a processed hot dog and reshaping it into a steak doesn't make it a steak, after all.

Nevertheless, this is the new "science" of our day, the hideous intersection of arrogance and madness. These are the futile attempts of man to reinvent nature and have it still be considered nature as opposed to a monstrous, life-destroying freak show and then to try to push it off on the masses as "organic." Is this the type of world in which you want to live?

If not, you're gonna have to speak up loudly. The future of clean food is at stake, after all. If the genetic hackers and life butchers get their way, everything on your dinner plate, whether it's "organic" or not, will soon come from a transgenic "Frankencrop" owned and licensed by a multinational corporation such as Monsanto. Nothing will resemble its formerly natural incarnation.

"We need to supplant purchased, high-energy inputs and mechanization inputs with ecological processes that achieve comparable or superior outcomes, which could build slow organic matter in cropping systems instead of maintaining or depleting it, which is what current agriculture does," stated Timothy Crews, an ecologist and research director at the Land Institute in Salina, Kansas, to PBS about the superiority of natural perennial cropping.

Sources for this article include:


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