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PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2016 1:40 pm 
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The benefits of citrus: Four reasons to start your day with lemon water
by: J. D. Heyes
citrus, lemon water, natural medicine

(DrEddyClinic News) Perhaps you've noticed that lemons, and more specifically, lemon water, have both received a great deal of attention in the alternative health media and on various blogs in recent years. There is good reason for that: As science advances, researchers are beginning to discover more and more about the health benefits of drinking water that contains freshly squeezed lemon


In fact, scientists have found out that the health benefits may even be better and more extensive when you drink lemon juice in the morning before you've had anything else to eat or drink. These experts suggest that folks who want to maximize the benefits of lemon water should head to their refrigerator first thing in the morning to pour a refreshing glass of water, then squeeze in a half a lemon and down it before they even think about what they're going to fix themselves for breakfast.

Here's why:

The alkalizing power of lemon water: One of the primary reasons researchers say we should be drinking more lemon water on an empty stomach is because if done before a meal it can raise the body's pH somewhat and have an overall alkalizing effect, thereby nullifying acidic foods that may be on your plate. Scientists have found that having a slightly alkaline pH may make you less likely to develop serious diseases like cancer

Absorbing nutrients: Lemon water on an empty stomach can also help you better and more completely absorb a number of important nutrients contained in lemons, one of the most popular of citrus fruits. Nutrients provided include citric acid, calcium, phosphorus and potassium, each of which has a very important role in your overall health, and is key to a number of important bodily functions.

A great anti-microbial: Drinking lemon water before eating first thing in the morning can also bolster your body's natural anti-microbial properties. That's because lemon juice seems to be useful both in combating bacteria and keeping viruses at bay, as well as treating several kinds of infections naturally.

Keeping heartburn at bay: If you've ever experienced frequent attacks of heartburn, you know how uncomfortable they can be, but there's good news if you're continuing to suffer from heartburn: Lemon water first thing before breakfast can help alleviate the attacks, researchers say. Just mix a teaspoon full of lemon juice with a glass of water (about 8 ounces should do the trick) and sip on it slowly. Though lemon juice contains citric acid, it also contains a lot of minerals, which have an overall alkalizing effect, thus reducing the acidic effect in the stomach that causes the heartburn in the first place.

"Lemon water is a wonderful overall tonic – so take advantage of it!" writes Meghan Telpner of NaturalNews Blogs. "Try starting off the morning with a large glass of lemon water. In very little time, it will be possible to start seeing the benefits of this quick and healthy a.m. ritual in regards to increased energy levels and decreased frequencies of infections and other ailments, just to name a few of the many benefits offered by this simplest of health drinks."

As we have reported in the past, the amazing health benefits of lemon water are established and well-known. In addition to the reasons listed above, you should be including lemon water in your daily diet to assist in hydration and to improve the look and feel of your skin.

"Especially in the warm weather, drinking water in the morning can help to keep the body replenished and prevent the problems that come along with dehydration. ... Lemon water is a great way to moisturize and hydrate naturally from within - and this will lead to naturally youthful-looking skin."



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