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What is the Wellness Carafe?

Using a multi-stage Wellness® filter to purify water of chlorine and contaminants. the Wellness Carafe provides clean, safe, refreshing water in a convenient pitcher design! The Wellness® Filter was developed more than 20 years ago in Japan by Haru Naito, a physiologist who coupled purification and Magnetic Resonance Activation enhancement technologies into the filter technology used by the Wellness Carafe.


With a total dimension of 10" H x 6" D, the Wellness Carafe utilizes a multi-stage, gravity-powered filter cartridge to reduce chlorine, lead, and other harmful contaminants. The filter cartridge provides superior filtration and contains enhancement media to add trace alkaline minerals for an incredibly pure taste that can be found only with the Wellness Carafe.

What are the Benefits of The Wellness Carafe?

- Improves the taste and quality of water.
- Has a large 2.2 liter capacity.
- Reduces chlorine, lead, and toxic metals.
- Enhances water with Wellness Technology.
- Includes one (1) forty gallon capacity filter (additional filters available separately).
- Both the Wellness Carafe and its filter cartridge are BPA-free.
- Conveniently sized at 10" H x 6" D.

Why is the Wellness Carafe Filtration the Best Available?

Five layers of natural enhancing media — high-Gauss ceramic magnets; magnetite; Tenko-seki, a far-infrared ceramic that releases negative ions into the water for an antioxidant effect; Bakuhan stone; and Taicho, a mineral with antibacterial and antifungal properties, are combined with a removable granular-carbon filter. This produces energized water with a high antioxidant potential. The cartridge media contains:

- Taichoseki

A proprietary media used in all Wellness Filters®, it removes iron, cadmium, and other harmful substances in tap water. In 1990, The Kitazato Medical School of Public Health in Tokyo approved Taichoseki mineral stone as a “natural disinfectant” due to discoveries that water treated with Taichoseki had slowed or even stopped, growth of staphylococcus aureus, bacillus subtilis, aspergillus niger, myrothecium verrucaria, trichophyton interdigitale, and candida albicans, and other fungus and bacteria.

Wellness Cartridge


A proprietary media used in all Wellness Filters® that removes lead, mercury, and chromium from tap water. It imparts trace Angstrom size minerals (silica, potassium, and magnesium). The Japanese Government’s Ministry of Health, Drug Approval Division, approved the bakuhanseki stone in 1995 for medical purposes in powdered form, dissolved form, and for use in water filters for bathing and drinking. The Bakuhan mineral adjusts the water to a stable alkaline pH, increases dissolved oxygen, removes harmful substances and enhances the taste of the water.

- SPG Sand
Obtained from volcanic rocks, it has a surface area of 6.16 square meters per gram and provides a highly efficient 0.5-micron level filtration. By removing parasites and absorbing trace heavy metals, SPG sand yields very pure water.

- Granulated Activated Carbon
Made from the highest quality coconut shell carbon and removes chlorine, chlorinated hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, tastes and odors.

- Magnetite
Having a flux density greater than 4,500 gauss, this creates a magnetic field in the filter for magnetic resonance activation of the water. Magnetite lowers surface tension, increases solubility and increases absorption.

[wellcaraf]Far-Infrared Ceramic[/wellcaraf]
Proprietary ceramic media made from far infrared emitting stone that produces hydroxyl ions and hydrogen ions, which neutralize free radicals. Believed to aid the body in fighting immune disorders.

The Top 3 Questions People Ask About the Wellness Carafe

1. How long does the filter cartridge last? Filter cartridges, which are CSA Certified to reduce chlorine and lead for 40 gallons/150 liters of water, typically last, on average, 3 months.

2. Where can I get replacement filters? Global Healing Center offers a 3-pack of replacement filter cartridges for the Wellness Carafe.

3. How effective is the Wellness Carafe? Japanese life insurance companies have recognized the efficacy of the Wellness Filter® and now offer reimbursement programs for the filter when a patient receives a prescription from a doctor. This is the only filtration system ever granted this insurance status. The No. 1-rated medical spa in the world, The Hippocrates Health Institute, ended a 20-year tradition of using only distilled water and now exclusively recommends Wellness Filter® to their patients.


Additional Tips for Best Results with the Wellness Carafe

- Filling the upper reservoir with tap water for the first time flushes out carbon dust from the new cartridge. Carbon dust is a harmless, normal occurrence in cartridge manufacturing and will disappear after one or two flushes.
- Wash your Wellness Carafe each time you replace the cartridge.
- The Wellness Carafe cartridge is designed to stay wet. One or more days without use may dry it out. To remedy, remove the cartridge and shake it to loosen the media. Soak the cartridge under water for at least five minutes and reinsert into the Wellness Carafe.
- The Wellness Carafe should be used only for filtering potable tap water that is municipally treated and microbiologically safe to drink.
- Those with specific water purity needs should consult with their physician before using any water filtration system.
- Do not filter water hotter than 85°F / 30°C.

Still Not Sure if the Wellness Carafe Can Help You? Just Read These Reviews...

"I am impressed, a bit skeptical at first... it really does work, I keep regularity, eat less, feel a difference in concentration/ 'brain fog' (Hashimoto, settles my nerves at work. When i drink the alternative "neutral" water, I feel sick. May be a scam for others, but I am sold!" ~ madamboots

"Works Well! I have disgusting tap water and this carafe helps tremendously, on more funky smells or weird tasting water. Unlike the Brita, this lid is much more secure. The only downside to this is that it does filter slowly, but as long as you fill it after you use it it's really not much of a problem, unless you need copious amounts of water immediately." ~ D. Garcia

"Excellent for plants and taste great too!!! Have Well Water and wasn't sure if this would work. Bought this to see if i could notice an improvement in my green smoothies and wheatgrass plants. the wheatgrass is growing like crazy. Love this product." ~ LC

Start Enjoying the Health Benefits of Purified Water Today With the Wellness Carafe!



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