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PostPosted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 9:05 pm 
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Hansler ozone treatment system Made in Germany

In Germany there are about 8000 c oxygen equipment is used for the treatment of chronic diseases and aging three lipid-lowering effect of oxygen therapy is superior to most commonly used Statin, three patients with oxygen can be quickly recovered in trip Hansler Haas on a weekly, three oxygen nursed back to health may extend the human life span of about 15 years.
Germany Hansler three oxygen immune system -ozone generator aging system: this system uses the most advanced of the three oxygen immune modulation technology to activate the body's immune system, improve the SOD content in the body to train immune cells to the resolving power of the exotic toxin, improve immunity, is the core of anti-aging technology.


Hansler ozone treatment system major technical advantage

1. real time measurement of concentration and pressure automatic calibration function OZONOSAN specific to the Alpha Plus 590nm UV spectrophotometer with automatic calibration system for pressure, reaching concentrations of ozone production in the true sense of the real-time detection, thus avoiding the device during use of medical safety and the "placebo" effect.
2.100 μg of medical ozone high concentration ozone generator equipment most key components which directly affect the stability of ozone concentrations. OZON-OSAN Alpha Plus with a strong technological content of 100 μg of high concentration ozone generator will undoubtedly become a symbol of high-end medical ozone devices.
3.1 OZONOSAN Alpha Plus precise concentrations μg/mediation device can be realized by concentration of 1 μg/adjust create solid hardware Foundation for precise treatment of clinical and evidence based support.
4. automatic automatic recovery system for ozone-heated metal enzymes OZONOSAN enzymes as Alpha Plus heating heavy metals remaining ozone recovery media, you can maximize the efficiency of ozone degradation, avoiding the dispersion problem of ozone in operating space.

Hansler ozone treatment system of chronic diseases and its clinical application


· Activation of antioxidant enzymes and free radical scavenging system, eliminating free radical damage;
· Activate the metabolism of red blood cells and promote regeneration of tissues organs. Organ dependent;
· Activate immune cells, induced by producing a variety of immunity active factor;
· Microbe killing effect.

Have effects on the following illnesses:
1. chronic fatigue syndrome
2. arteriosclerosis
3. peripheral neuropathy
4. in immunodepressed
5. viral infections
6. body aging
7. a trip after nerve repair
8. sexual dysfunction
9. restore youth and vitality

Therapeutic effect depends on the concentration of the ozone system stability, precision control, and effective treatment for this is due to three oxygen concentrations very narrow window. For different people require different concentrations. High concentration, harmful to the human body, low concentration treatment has no effect. Hansler immune ozone therapy combined with unique adjuvant therapy system, individualized set of immune ozone therapy programmes. In the course of treatment, preparation to monitor in real time, control of ozone concentration and precise to 1ug/ml and guidance system with a stable, reliable treatment. Hansler immune ozone technology, hailed as the world's safest means of therapy.
Hansler immune ozone technology, enhancing antioxidant enzyme activity of valid, reliable, lower oxidative metabolites and free radicals damage to normal tissue cells.
Germany Hansler three oxygen therapy is the industry's only stable, accurate access to three oxygen therapeutic efficacy of bio-technology. Core techniques: using in vitro generated ozone autologous blood and a precise quantitative "immune and biochemical response inducer" ("Trigger"), autologous blood transfusion in vivo, inducing further immunological, biochemical "-level waterfall response" have a powerful biological effects.

The main mechanism is as follows:

(1) activate the metabolism of red blood cells, enhancing SOD and content of ATP and 2,3-DPG, and truly improve circulation, promote tissue oxygen supply.
(2) activated immune activity cell, generated variety immune activity factor, as various within source sexual interferon (IFN-alpha, and IFN beta, and IFN γ), white cell between pigment (IL2, and 4, and 6, and 8, and 10), tumor necrosis factor (TNF-alpha) grain cell/single nuclear cell set fell stimulus factor (GM-CSF) and into growth factor (TGF-beta),. Activates the body's antioxidant enzyme systems, scavenging oxidative free radicals. In its anti-oxidation, anti-aging, and play an important role in the field of Gerontology.

Further product recommendation:
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Rayocomp PS 10 is the ideal instrument for the first steps into the world of bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt
Mini Rayonex Over 100,000 Mini Rayonex devices are in use around the world!
Integrative Medicine Germany repower PS1000 Cell Dynamics

For more questions

PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2014 2:23 pm 
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Therapy I Definition

Medical ozone: Definition, concentration range, production, measurement.
(Guidelines ozone therapy*:

Medical ozone, an ozone/oxygen mixture consisting of purest O2 and purest O3, is produced from medical oxygen (in accordance with pharmaceutical legislation) using a medical ozone generator (Medical Devices Directives: 92/43EEC or equivalent directives in non European countries) in a

concentration range between 1 and 100 µg/ml (mg/l).

Ozone is a metastable substance and has to be produced on site. Continous concentration measurements are a prerequirement for a safe therapy.

Guidelines* (Excerpt)
When used in specific diseases and conditions, medical ozone produces the same or similar therapy results worldwide. Improper application in the form of erratic methods and doses is the most frequent cause of ineffectiveness and adverse effects - and always the cause of violent controversies.

For this reason, the medical societies for ozone application have set up treatment protocols as basis for standards and guidelines, revised and published as a result of the most recent research and 30 years of experience (Beck, Wasser, Viebahn1998; Knoch, Viebahn 2009; Viebahn, León, Fahmy 2012). They are here made full use of in the standardization of applications, indications, concentrations, doses and frequency of treatment as based on the mechanism of action and the pharmacology of ozone.

1. In its pharmacological effect, medical ozone follows the principle of hormesis: low concentrations (or doses) show a high efficacy, which decreases with increasing concentration, finally reversing into a questionable and even toxic effect. Figure 1 shows the effect/concentration relationship for the systemic application of ozone - in the form of a standardized major ozone autohemotherapy and rectal ozone gas insufflation - in schematic form: Concentrations of 10 - 40 µg ozone / ml ozone/oxygen mixture represent those levels which are physiologically effective and recommended for systemic application.
In the high concentration range of 60-100 µg/ml the antibiotic effect of ozone has a wide range of applications in the treatment of infected wounds, diabetic foot, decubitus ulcers and burns, but completely restricted to the topical forms of application.

2. Principally, ozone is applied complementary to a corresponding basic therapy.
Diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, chronic inflammatory diseases such as inflammatory vascular disease, in particualr diabetic angiopathia, chronic hepatitis forms and chronic intestinal conditions belong to the classic indications within the low-dose ozone concept.

Chronic oxidative stress (pathologically increased values for malone dialdehyde MDA, hydrogen peroxide H2O2, total hydroperoxide TH etc.) and an antioxidant deficit (disbalanced superoxide dismutase and subgroups of SOD as well as catalase CAT and others) are phenomena common to all the above diseases. It is here in particular that loe-dose ozone as a hormetic substance, shows a regulatory effect on pathological processes.

* „Ozone in Medicine: the low-dose ozone concept- guidelines and treatment strategies“ OSE 2012.

Dr. Eddy's Clinic is committed to delivering the best customer support to ensure a positive and fruitful experience with all our services and products. Your satisfaction is our prime concern. Feel free to contact us here if you have further questions:

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Nice oxygen immune system.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 11, 2016 11:02 am 
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Therapy I Indications

External ulcers and skin lesions
Diabetic gangrene

• desinfection
• wound cleansing
• improved wound healing

Arterial circulatory disturbances,

• activation of red blood cell metabolism with improved
..oxygen release
• activation of enzymatic antioxidants and radical

Immune deficiency und immune dysbalance,
Chronic hepatitis (B and C),
Complementary oncology,
Supportive therapy for rheumatoid arthritis

• activation of immunocompetent cells and release of
..cytokines such as interferones and interleukins.
..Modulation of the immune system
• increase in antioxidant capacity through activation of
..the cellular antioxidants

Chronic/inflammatory diseases,
Colitis, proctitis,
Activated arthrosis,
Rheumatoid arthritis

• antiinflammatory effect
• activation of antioxidant enzymes and radical scavengers
• activation of immunocompetent cells and cartilage cells with release of TGF-beta

Chronic pain, myofascial painsyndrome,
Triggerpoints, fibromyalgia

• antiinflammatory effect
• activation of antioxidant enzymes and radical scavengers
• activation of immunocompetent cells

Dental medicine
• Following tooth extraction
• Buccal infections aphthae
• Parodontosis

• desinfection
• wound cleansing
• improved wound healing

• Glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase deficiency
..(favism, acute hemolytic anemia)
• Hyperthyroidism (non controlled)
• Pregnancy in the first 3 months
• Major autohemotherapy is not indicated in leukemia


The Body Cleanse Starter Kit is the perfect way to take control of your health - especially if you're new to cleansing. Kit also includes powerful probiotics.

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