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24 / 04 / 2018
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by Dr. Lawrence Wilson 

Toxic metals comprise a group of minerals that have no known function in the body and in fact are harmful.  Today mankind is exposed to the highest levels of these metals in recorded history, thanks to their industrial use and burning of coal, petroleum and incineration of waste material.  They affect everyone and are a major cause of illness, aging and even genetic defects.

The study of toxic metals is part of nutrition and toxicology, areas not emphasized in medical schools.  For this reason, these important causes of disease are accorded little attention in conventional mainstream medicine. This article focuses on the extent of toxic metal problems ≠ sources of toxic metals, symptoms and how to remove them.



Minerals are the building blocks of our bodies.  They are required for body structure, fluid balance, protein structures and to produce hormones.  They are a key for the health of every body system and function.  They act as co-factors, catalysts or inhibitors of all enzymes in the body.  Copper and iron, for example, along with other minerals are required for the electron transport system, and thus needed for all cellular energy production. 

Minerals are classified into four groups:  The macrominerals, or those needed in large quantity, include calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, iron, copper and zinc.   Required trace minerals include manganese, chromium, selenium, boron, bromine, silicon, iodine, vanadium, lithium, molybdenum, cobalt,  germanium and others.   Possibly required trace minerals include fluorine, arsenic, rubidium, tin, niobium, strontium, gold, silver and nickel.   Toxic metals include beryllium, mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum, antimony, bismuth, barium, uranium and others. 

These categories overlap slightly because assessing minerals that are  required by humans is problematic. Some may be needed in minuscule amounts.  Clinical studies to prove this by depriving people of vital minerals would be cruel and possibly disastrous. 

Also, note that minerals needed in  lesser quantities are usually toxic in greater amounts.  Examples are copper, iron, manganese, selenium and vanadium.  Even calcium and sodium are quite toxic in excess.


Today mankind is exposed to the highest levels in recorded history of lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, copper, tin, antimony, bromine, bismuth and vanadium.  Levels are up to several thousand times higher than in primitive man.  In my clinical experience, everyone has excessive amounts of some or all of the toxic metals.  

Toxic metals are also persistent and cumulative.  The late Dr. Henry Schroeder, MD, who was a world authority on trace elements, wrote: 

≥Most organic substances are degradable by natural processes.  (However), no metal is degradableäthey are here to stay for a long time≤ .  

          Toxic metals replace nutrient minerals in enzyme binding sites.  When this occurs, the metals inhibit, overstimulate or otherwise alter thousands of enzymes.  An affected enzyme may operate at 5% of normal activity. This may contribute to many health conditions. Toxic metals may also replace other substances in other tissue structures. These tissues, such as the arteries, joints, bones and muscles, are weakened by the replacement process.  Toxic metals may also simply deposit in many sites, causing local irritation and other toxic effects.  They may also support development of fungal, bacterial and viral infections that are difficult or impossible to eradicate until this cause is removed.

          The mineral replacement process  often involves the idea of preferred minerals. For example, the body prefers zinc for over 50 critical enzymes  .  However,  if zinc becomes deficient  - and our soil and food are very low in zinc today - or exposure to cadmium, lead or mercury is sufficiently high, the body will use these in place of zinc.  Cadmium, in particular, is located just below zinc in the periodic table of the elements, so its atomic structure is very similar to that of zinc.  It almost fits perfectly in the zinc binding sites of critical enzymes such as RNA transferase, carboxypeptidase, alcohol dehydrogenase and many others or great importance in the body. 

          The ability to replace a vital mineral means, however, that toxic metals are not completely harmful.  Indeed, they can extend life.  They keep bodies functioning when vital minerals are deficient. 

          An analogy is to imagine taking an automobile journey. If one is far away from a repair shop when a key part like the fan belt breaks, if one had a spare piece of rope, one could tie it around the pulleys and continue the trip slowly.  The rope would not function nearly as well as the original part, but would allow one to keep going. This is how toxic metals can function positively in the body.  Many people limp along on grossly deficient diets, and are even born deficient and toxic.  They do not realize their fatigue and other symptoms are due to the presence of incorrect ≥replacement parts≤ in their biological engine compartments.  Depending on where toxic metals accumulate, the resulting effects may be given names such as hypothyroidism, diabetes or cancer. 

The benefits of using Detoxamin are astounding:
  • More affordable. Detoxamin is 70% less than IV EDTA chelation.  Every three Detoxamin is medically equal to approximately one IV EDTA chelation treatment.
  • More convenient.  No more traveling to your doctor's office for the treatment.  Simply take one Detoxamin right before bedtime and the EDTA slowly absorbs into your body while you sleep.  Waking up to better health is a wonderful thing.
  • Safer.  Detoxamin introduces 750mg of EDTA slowly into the bloodstream and soft tissues, exactly where you need it the most.  The dosage does not put the biological burden on the liver and kidneys like IV EDTA chelation does, making it much easier on the body to drain the toxins.
  • Better EDTA assimilation. Detoxamin introduces less EDTA more frequently, rather than a higher dose less frequently. This provides better EDTA assimilation into the body.  This aspect of Detoxamin is what excites doctors the most about the product, as IV chelation puts an unwanted strain on the body.

Medically equivalent to IV EDTA chelation.  This is another huge aspect of why Detoxamin is so popular throughout the world.  People for years have been frustrated with the inconvenient delivery of EDTA into the body. Now that this method is available, most people prefer it and in most cases the results are even better than with the IV method.  For every three Detoxamin, you receive about the same dosage you would get in one IV treatment, but with a much safer and more convenient delivery method.

Detoxamin is 70% less than IV EDTA chelation
All prices are for 750mg suppositories

·  5 Count         1,700 Thai Baht
15 Count        4,500 Thai Baht
30 Count        8,200 Thai Baht 
60 Count       15,000 Thai Baht
90 Count       22,000 Thai Baht

Detoxamin - EDTA chelation

750mg suppositories

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Can They Be Avoided?

If diagnostic evaluation reveals the formation of calcified deposits, if they are in uneven clumps, the risk of heart attack or stroke is considerable. If they are laid smoothly along the arterial walls, the risk is much less.

What Is The Effect Of These Deposits?

When the flow of blood is interrupted by a calcified deposit it becomes turbulent and under pressure. If part of the deposit breaks away, it is carried at speed in this fast moving blood and may block one of the smaller blood vessels supplied to the artery completely or partially. This causes a stroke if the artery is feeding the brain, or a heart attack if a coronary artery of the heart muscle is involved, or gangrene and amputation if the leg arteries become blocked. Anemia
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